Warriors Want Edwards They Land #1 Pick

Jonathan Grant | June 8th, 2020

If someone had told you a couple of years ago that the Golden State Warriors would be considering selecting #1 in the NBA Draft in 2020, you’d have laughed right in their face, such was the absurdity of the statement. But that indeed is the scenario we currently have in front of us. They very well could be picking first, given a number of occurrences.

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Kevin Durant left, and he would have been injured anyway, and Steph and Klay have missed most of 2019-20, leaving them way down the standings due to playing a ton of younger, more experienced players. The team has been so putrid that they won’t be headed to Orlando to finish the season, and they will also have the best odds- along with Atlanta and Cleveland- to land the first selection. If they do, it’s being reported that they will keep the pick and tab Anthony Edwards with it- assuming they do not trade it. The one-year Georgia guard is thought to be among the best available in what is considered a rather shallow draft class. Having said that, he could be a downright scary acquisition when the Warriors are fully healthy, making this move very much worthwhile.

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